Where Can I Find Free Printable Dumbbell Workout Plans?

Several fitness websites include free printable workout plans. These websites include SparkPeople and Dumbbell-Exercises.com and several more. Each website caters to differing styles and needs.

Dumbbell-Exercises.com not only provides printable exercise charts, it also explains which muscles should be targeted. Some of their routines target the chest muscles with a focus on enlarging the upper, lower, inner and outer pectoral region. Dumbbell-Exercises.com also offers routines targeted to broaden and sculpt the shoulders pinpointing various areas of the deltoids muscles. Other routines target the arms, abdominal, back, legs and buttocks. Each area includes multiple exercises and provides animated drawings to illustrate the key points of the exercises and to demonstrate correct form. Exercises include decline bench presses, front raises, palms-down wrist curls, dead lifts, side lunges and squats.

SparkPeople's charts focus on exercises using dumbbells to target chest and arm muscles, as well as lower body muscles. Each exercise includes detailed instructions and a photograph to demonstrate the exercise. The printed charts correspond to SparkPeople's "20-Minute Dumbbell Workout Video," which provides dynamic instruction on the exercises. Exercises include triceps extensions, double leg lifts, the child's pose stretch, triceps stretch, stationary lunges with biceps curls, bridges, oblique stretch, forward bend stretch and crunches, among others.