Where Can You Go to Print a Chart for Diabetic Sugar Levels?


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Individuals can find printable charts for diabetic sugar levels from websites such as Healthline.com, the American Diabetic Association's website and WebMD.com, as of 2015. Each chart is different; some contain pictures, some require users to add glucose levels, but each website provides instructions on how to use the chart.

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Healthline's diabetic sugar chart can be filled out with personal results, and is downloadable as a Microsoft Word document or printable image. Healthline provides information to go along with its chart, including factors that can affect glucose levels, and gives recommendations on ideal results as well as basic chart instructions.

The American Diabetic Association's website has a conversion application for users to input their A1C number and have it converted to eAG, or vice versa. This number helps track blood sugar over the last two to three months, which gives a better grasp on how well a treatment is working. This website also gives a detailed description on what diabetes is and why an A1C number is important for a better understanding of health.

WebMD's glucose level chart is a guideline for what normal adult glucose levels are. By showing a range for an average adult who is over 20 years old, its table helps compare individual results. It also provides information about controlling glucose so low blood sugar levels don't occur as often.

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