Where Can You Find Prices for Crizal Lenses?

A few eyeglass lens sellers post general prices for Crizal lenses online, such as Rx Frames N Lenses. Otherwise, customers find prices for Crizal lenses through local dealers and eyecare professionals. The official Crizal website in Canada states individual retail stores set prices for these specialty lenses.

A Crizal Avance UV lens coating costs $82.95 from Rx Frames N Lenses when this product is added to a lens, as of April 2015. Crizal Easy UV costs $68.95. These lenses have antireflective coatings in order for customers to see more clearly. These lenses lessen the glare that reaches someone's eyes to make images sharper.

Several factors may change the total price of lenses, including the type of prescription, lens material, lens type, coating type and any special promotions. Coatings may include antiglare, ultraviolet light protection or sunglasses. Types of lenses include single-focus, bifocals or progressive lenses.

Potential customers locate an eye care professional that sells Crizal coatings through the company's website. People enter a ZIP code and then a search radius between 5 and 50 miles. Individuals click the Search button to view results.

Crizal explains the Cristal Avance lens with Scotchguard coatings contains antiglare properties along with water resistance and hardness to make cleaning easier. This is the third-generation Crizal lens that combines lens properties made by other manufacturers such as Transitions lenses.