What Can You Do to Help Prevent a Virus?


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Eating a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep and practicing good hygiene can help prevent catching a viral illness, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Vitamin D supplements and multivitamins may bolster the immune system as well.

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Basic hygienic practices can greatly reduce the chances of catching a viral illness, reports the Cleveland Clinic. Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap, but alcohol-based cleaners may be used as a substitute. In addition, avoid touching the eyes, mouth or nose with the hands if possible. Regular use of nasal irrigation products, such as a neti pot, can reduce the occurrence of viral illnesses, as the remove pollutants from the nasal cavity. Diet plays an important role in preventing illness too; pay attention to vitamin D levels especially. If you live north of Atlanta, you need 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily to maintain a healthy immune system. A multivitamin may aid in reaching this value, but try to emphasize colorful foods in your diet; these foods are often rich in antioxidants. Sleep quality can affect the immune system, and should be monitored.

The flu vaccine can be the most effective way to avoid a viral infection, adds Everyday Health. Germ-infested areas such as counter tops or door handles should be disinfected to limit exposure to viruses. Adequate hydration helps the body fight viruses, while regular exercise has been linked to improved function in the immune system.

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