How Can You Prevent a UTI During Pregnancy?


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BabyCenter states that urinary tract infections can be prevented during pregnancy by drinking eight to 10 glasses of water a day, urinating when the urge is felt, and maintaining the normal environment of the genital area through proper washing, without douching. A UTI develops when bacteria from the stool and the lower bowels enters the urethra and reaches the whole urinary tract through sexual intercourse, improper stool wiping or washing, catheters, or obstruction of the urinary passage, according to WebMD. If left untreated, this can lead to serious kidney impairment.

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For pregnant women, UTIs can be very common due to hormonal fluctuations. WebMD also notes that the growing uterus can obstruct the bladder from being fully emptied during urination, leaving a stagnant amount of urine where bacteria can grow and multiply. BabyCenter further explains that pregnant women can minimize the effects of UTIs or prevent having this health condition by drinking cranberry juice and lingonberry juice regularly. Keeping the vagina clean and washed before and after sexual intercourse is recommended, but BabyCenter warns against the use of strong soaps and feminine hygiene products that can irritate the urinary tract. Proper wiping or washing off of stool after a bowel movement, which must be done from the front to the back, is also advised.

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