How Can You Prevent Severe Diaper Rash?

How Can You Prevent Severe Diaper Rash?

To prevent severe diaper rash, caregivers should change the baby's diaper often, keep the child's skin dry and clean, avoid irritation and use barrier ointments, according to New Kids-Center. The caregiver should not tie the diaper too tight, and she can try leaving the child without a diaper for some time in intervals.

A child who has a wet diaper for prolonged periods of time is prone to severe diaper rashes, reports New Kids-Center. Caregivers should change the baby's diaper as soon as the child soils it, according to WebMD.

It is important to rinse the child's diaper area whenever there is a diaper change, states Baby Center. This helps to keep the baby clean. Caregivers can use warm water and soft cloths, reports New Kids-Center. If they use wipes, the wipes should be free of propylene glycol and alcohol. They can then pat the baby's skin dry before putting on the clean diaper.

Irritating chemicals and alcohol can cause diaper rashes, according to New Kids-Center. Caregivers should not use detergents or wipes that have harsh chemicals, strong perfumes, alcohol or bleaching agents. It helps to rinse cloth diapers twice and add vinegar to the rinsing water to get rid of these irritants.

Caregivers should use ointments that form protective barriers on the skin to protect the child's skin from stool and urine, explains Baby Center. These include petroleum jelly and non-petroleum ointments. Layering on zinc oxide diaper cream can help, states the American Academy of Dermatology.