How Can You Prevent Ringworm?


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Keeping the skin clean, drying thoroughly after baths and showers, and wearing loose-fitting clothing made of cotton are a few ways to prevent the spread of ringworm, reports WebMD. MedlinePlus defines ringworm as a fungal infection of the skin.

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How Can You Prevent Ringworm?
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To prevent ringworm, athletes should not share clothing or sports equipment. An individual who uses public showers should wear flip-flops or sandals while showering or walking through the shower room. Showering after contact sports reduces the risk of ringworm infection. An individual who suspects exposure to ringworm should shower immediately and launder any potentially contaminated clothes in hot water with fungicidal soap, as recommended by WebMD.

When a fungus called tinea grows on the skin, it causes the infection known as ringworm. Ringworm is very contagious, so it spreads easily via contact with an infected person or items contaminated by tinea, according to MedlinePlus.

Because fungi thrive in damp environments, people who do not dry themselves well enough after swimming or bathing have an increased risk of developing the infection as do people who sweat a lot. An individual infected with ringworm develops raised, red patches on the skin. A red patch caused by ringworm typically has normal skin in the center, giving the patch its distinctive ring shape, reports MedlinePlus.

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