How Can You Prevent Night Sweats Caused by Antidepressants?

Ways to prevent night sweats caused by antidepressants include limiting the intake of alcohol and caffeine, quitting smoking and avoiding spicy foods and warm drinks before bedtime, according to Healthline. Activities such as yoga or other relaxing hobbies are also helpful for reducing night sweats. Additionally, keep the sleeping area at a comfortable room temperature and avoid sleeping too closely to another person.

Up to 22 percent of the people who take antidepressants experience excessive sweating, or diaphoresis, warns Dr. Jonathan R. Scarff, a resident in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Louisville, for Current Psychiatry. Dr. Scarff notes that changing the specific antidepressant medication, reducing the dosage or ceasing to take it at all may help to reduce night sweats. This, however, may not be a desirable alternative if a person has received relief from depression with the antidepressants. Taking a medication specifically formulated to reduce excessive sweating may be a viable option.

Generally, excessive sweating and night sweats are harmless and treatment depends on the underlying cause, reports MedicineNet. As Dr. Scarff notes, dealing with excessive sweating may prove problematic for some people because it can often interfere with occupational and social activities.