How Can I Prevent Myself From Catching Ebola?


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To prevent Ebola, it's important to regularly wash hands and avoid exposure to blood and body fluids, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Avoiding contact with items that are soiled with an infected person's body fluids and staying away from bats, monkeys and apes is also advised.

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How Can I Prevent Myself From Catching Ebola?
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People visiting areas experiencing an Ebola outbreak should not attend funerals or burials that require touching the deceased person's body, as this can transmit the virus. In West Africa, entering a facility that treats Ebola patients is not recommended, states the CDC. After traveling to an area experiencing an Ebola outbreak, individuals should monitor themselves for Ebola symptoms for 21 days. If any symptoms develop, immediate medical care is advised. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, among others.

To prevent the spread of Ebola, medical personnel who care for infected patients should always wear personal protective equipment and follow appropriate infection control and sterilization techniques, notes the CDC. Isolating patients who have Ebola is also advised. It's important for people to seek immediate medical attention if they are exposed to the blood, urine, feces, semen or vomit of an infected individual. The Ebola virus is present in these and other body fluids, and is capable of entering the body through the eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin.

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