How Can You Prevent Lower Back Pain?


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Prevention of lower back pain requires strengthening of the core muscles and monitoring posture, reports WebMD. In addition, learning to lift objects safely and wearing low-heeled shoes can reduce the risk of a lower back injury.

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How Can You Prevent Lower Back Pain?
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A major preventative tool against lower back pain is strengthening the muscles of the lower back and core, according to WebMD. Exercises should focus on engaging the abdominal muscles, while the lower back should be strengthened so the spine remains stable through a range of motion. Along these lines, posture issues should be addressed to prevent back pain. Slouching, both when seated and standing, should be avoided. Proper biomechanics when lifting objects prevents injuries from occurring. The spine should remain neutral when lifting, while the legs flex to move the weight.

Different sleeping positions may aid in the prevention of back pain, adds WebMD. Sleeping with a pillow between the legs or under the legs may ease back pain while sleeping. Low heeled shoes place less stress on the lower back than high heeled varieties. A large culprit for back pain is body fat. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body composition can greatly reduce the risks of lower back strain. In addition to this, quitting smoking lowers the risk of back pain.

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