How Can You Prevent Low Blood Sodium?

People can prevent hyponatremia, or low levels of sodium in the blood, by treating other conditions that lead to hyponatremia, learning about their condition, taking precautions when engaging in activities that lead to fluid loss, consider drinking sports beverages instead of water and avoiding drinking excessive amounts of water, notes Mayo Clinic. If people's bodies have too much water, it dilutes the amount of sodium in the blood, which can lead to swelling of cells.

People who have conditions that can lead to low blood sodium, such as adrenal gland insufficiency, should seek treatment to prevent developing hyponatremia, states Mayo Clinic. People who have these conditions or who take diuretics to treat medical problems should learn to recognize the symptoms of low blood sodium and discuss new medications with their doctors. People should also drink only as much fluid as they lose from sweating when they are engaging in high-intensity exercises or activities.

Athletes who participate in activities such as marathons or triathlons should discuss drinking sports drinks with electrolytes instead of water during these activities to prevent low blood sodium, according to Mayo Clinic. People can also prevent low blood sodium by drinking enough water each day to maintain their health, but not so much that it dilutes blood sodium levels. People with pale yellow urine who are not thirsty are probably already getting enough water in their diets.