How Can You Prevent Itching Caused by Dust Mites?


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Itching caused by dust mites can be prevented by avoiding or reducing exposure to dust mites, states Mayo Clinic. Using allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers and vacuuming regularly with double-layered micro-filter bags or HEPA filters reduces dust mites.

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Dust mites live in dust, and Mayo Clinic suggest reducing areas that collect the dust that harbors mites in the first place by keeping clutter to a minimum and eliminating carpeting, upholstered furniture, horizontal blinds and non-washable curtains. Dusting with a damp mop or rag keeps mites from becoming airborne, and using a high-efficiency air filter in the furnace or air conditioner and leaving the fan on traps dust and dust mites in the whole house. Other measures include washing sheets, blankets, pillow cases and stuffed animals in hot water or drying them on high heat for at least 15 minutes and reducing humidity, which dust mites need to survive, by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

Since it's not possible to completely eliminate dust mites, notes Mayo Clinic, the itching they cause may be treated with either over-the-counter or prescription antihistamine tablets or nasal sprays and corticosteroid nasal sprays; in addition, cromolyn sodium nasal spray and leukotriene modifiers in tablet form block parts of the immune system response that leads to itching.

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