How Can You Prevent Injury to Your Kneecap?


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You can prevent kneecap injuries by exercising regularly, which helps to build up strength in your leg muscles. The stronger your leg muscles are, the more resistant they are to stress, thereby preventing kneecap injuries. Also, warming up before a sport or an exercise session helps in preventing kneecap injuries, according to MedlinePlus. Alternatively, you can wear knee braces to prevent an injury.

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A kneecap injury can be painful, besides hindering you from walking, engaging in your favorite sport, exercising or even engaging in your normal routine activities. You can prevent a kneecap injury by engaging in regular exercises, which help you to build muscle strength and endurance in your legs. According to Patient.co.uk, regular exercises strengthen your hamstring and quadriceps muscles (among others), which are central in supporting your knee joint, thereby reducing chances of kneecap injuries.

What is more, ensure that you warm up before commencing a sport or a stretching exercise. This allows enough blood to flow to your muscles, effectively loosening your joints and preventing knee and other related injuries. Additionally, research has shown that wearing braces significantly lowers chances of sustaining a kneecap injury, states Patient.co.uk. Put on a brace before you start your training or sporting routine when applicable.

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