How Can You Prevent Infections If You Have Neutropenia?

How Can You Prevent Infections If You Have Neutropenia?

Patients with neutropenia can prevent infections by practicing good hygiene, avoiding and tending to cuts and scrapes, and staying away from things that can expose them to bacteria or viruses, according to WebMD. People with neutropenia have a low number of cells that attack bacteria and other microorganisms.

Frequent hand washing is important for neutropenia patients to avoid infections, WebMD reports. Good dental hygiene is also important, including regular flossing and brushing.

Patients should keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered, WebMD advises. People with neutropenia should always wear shoes and use an electric razor rather than a razor blade to avoid getting small cuts.

Ponds, rivers and hot tubs should be off-limits to neutropenia patients, WebMD states. Patients should avoid being around sick people and handling animal waste. If possible, patients should also avoid changing diapers.

People with neutropenia also must watch what they eat to avoid infections, WebMD says. Patients shouldn't eat unpasteurized dairy foods or undercooked meat. They should also avoid raw fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts and grains.

Treatment of neutropenia often requires treating infection, WebMD reports. Other treatment options depend upon the severity of the condition. Mild cases of neutropenia may require no treatment at all.