How Can You Prevent Hip Flexor Injuries?


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Individuals can attempt to prevent hip flexor injuries by counterbalancing abdominal exercises with exercises that help to extend the back, according to ACTIVE.com. It also helps to stretch the hip flexors after sitting for a few hours or after intense activities such as running or sprinting. People can also prevent hip flexor injuries by halting activity when a tight or burning sensation is felt from the upper part of the legs.

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The hip flexors in the body allow individuals to flex their hips and bend their knees, explains MedlinePlus. Injury that results in a torn or stretched hip flexor occurs during sudden movements such as changing direction when moving or running, participating in kicking exercises or sprinting. Additional factors that contribute to a hip flexor injury include a lack of stretching or warming up before activity, weak or stiff muscles, or falls or trauma to the body.

Individuals with a torn or stretched hip flexor often experience sharp pains or a pulling feeling in the front of the hip as well as cramping, notes MedlinePlus. Some patients notice bruising and swelling near the thigh muscle or the hip, and it may be difficult or painful to walk without limping. Spasms may also accompany a hip flexor injury.

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