How Can You Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers?


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Proper management of minor injuries of the foot and scrupulous and diligent foot care are key to preventing the formation of diabetic foot ulcers, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. The patient or patient’s caretaker should undertake a visual inspection of the feet on a daily basis.

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Proper foot care involves checking the feet and the area between the toes each day. This visual inspection is particularly crucial when experiencing a reduction of sensation in the foot, since foot injuries can occur without feeling the injury. Any new blisters, bruises, cuts, bleeding or redness should be addressed, advised Patient.uk.co. A specialist such as a podiatrist should be consulted for help with treating calluses or corns.

Those prone to ulcers should also keep the feet moisturized to prevent cracking of the skin. Moisturizing cream or oil applied to the skin helps keep feet healthy. Moisturizing between the toes is not recommended, since this can cause an overabundance of moisture and lead to the development of an infection, warns Patient.uk.co.

Foot care involves washing the feet regularly and keeping them dry. Toenails should be cut following the shape of the toe’s end, but sharp implements should be avoided when cleaning the sides of the toenails. To keep feet in good shape and avoid ulcers, those who are prone to ulcer development should always wear socks with shoes and avoid going barefoot, advises Patient.uk.co.

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