How Can You Prevent Back Pain?

How Can You Prevent Back Pain?

According to the Health Finder website, avoiding back pain involves keeping back muscles strong, eating a balanced diet, exercising, good posture and avoid lifting heavy objects. At some point, most people experience back pain in their lives, but by taking a few precautions the risk of experiencing the pain can be greatly reduced.

Back pain can be caused by lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects, but there are a few things that put people at a higher risk for back injuries. People who smoke, lack exercise, are overweight, have health problems or that have poor posture are at a higher risk for back pain.

Back strengthening exercises at least twice a week helps to strengthen the muscles in the back and helps to prevent back pain. According to Health Finder yoga is a great exercise for strong back muscles.

Good posture helps prevent back pain, so when sitting, do not slouch and always stand up straight. When in a chair, sit with the back against the chair and feet flat on the floor, keeping the knees slightly higher than the hips for the best posture. When standing, keep the head up and shoulders back.

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is a great way to the extra weight off and learning to lift correctly with the legs and not the back can help prevent injuries that result in back pain.