Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period and Still Have Your Period on Time?

can-pregnant-right-before-period-still-period-time Credit: Katrina Wittkamp/Taxi/Getty Images explains that while it is rare for a woman to become pregnant right before her period, it is possible. Sometimes a woman who is pregnant experiences vaginal bleeding that, while not technically a menstrual period, mimics one enough for the woman to believe she is having her period.

Although women typically ovulate, and thus become pregnant, two weeks before their menstrual periods begin, points out that some women have irregular cycles, sometimes ovulating as much as 10 days later than normal. In addition, 10 percent of women ovulate more than once per cycle, increasing the odds of becoming pregnant just before their periods or even of becoming pregnant more than once in the same menstrual cycle, a situation that results in non-identical twins.