How Can I Get Pregnant Even Though I Have a Thick Uterine Lining?

Having a thickened uterine wall is a well-known cause for the inability to conceive without intervention. The extra tissue makes the implantation part of pregnancy difficult. There is a treatment available to remove the excess tissue, but this procedure may cause scarring. With scarring, the implantation is compromised as well, notes Mayo Clinic.

Fortunately, with the use of blood hormone level testing and an examination of the physical components of the reproductive organs, a satisfactory plan is often prescribed. A woman with a thick uterine lining may have problems with fertility but with help from an infertility specialist, achieving pregnancy is possible. There are many treatments geared towards restoring or supporting pregnancy, according to Mayo Clinic.

Treatment programs are individualized and uniquely comprehensive, and testing likely involves genetic testing, ovulation and image testing. The provider may give the intended mother options of the fertility course or in some cases advise for or against particular treatments. A variety of medications induce ovulation and even increase the likelihood of having a successful pregnancy. The treatments do have risks associated with them, which include pregnancy with multiples or even ovarian tumors, explains Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees; however, there are many successful cases of physician-assisted pregnancy.