Where Can You Get a Free Pregnancy Test?


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Many women's centers and sexual health clinics in the United States offer free pregnancy tests, including Women's Care Center, which has locations in six states. Many cities and regions have their own sexual health clinics that offer free pregnancy tests.

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Where Can You Get a Free Pregnancy Test?
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Local sexual health clinics are often the most reliable places to take a free pregnancy test. These clinics are generally not part of larger chains and therefore must be investigated individually. An exception to this is Planned Parenthood, which has centers across the United States, according to its website. Although each location is different, many offer free or low-cost pregnancy tests.

Free pregnancy tests are done by testing urine for a hormone called hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, and can be done one week before a missed period, says WebMD. The urine test done with a drugstore pregnancy test gives the same result as one done in a doctor's office. If possible, the woman seeking the test should not urinate for at least four hours before taking a pregnancy test to insure the most accurate results. Doctors can also order blood tests to confirm pregnancy, but the results take longer than a urine test.

In 2012, two medical doctors compared dollar store pregnancy tests to the more expensive brands found at pharmacies and found no difference in accuracy, ABC15 reports. These inexpensive tests are an option if a clinic offering free pregnancy testing cannot be found.

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