Where Can You Find a Pregnancy Calendar?


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The BBC provides a good pregnancy calendar online. The week-by-week pregnancy calendar can be found on the BBC website, under the health section. This personalized, pregnancy calendar is based on your last menstrual period, date of conception or estimated delivery date. Other personalized, pregnancy calendars can be found on the Babymed, Babycenter and Justmommies websites.

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A description of how your baby is growing each week is provided in the online, pregnancy calendar. An image of the baby's size is also included, as well as information about the physiological changes in the mother. The calendar includes a note on what the mother needs to do at each stage.

For example, BBC Health states that at week 8, the baby is around the size of a grape, but is already starting to form a face, arms and legs! BBC Health also states that at 8 weeks of pregnancy the mother can feel tired and her breasts start to swell. At week 12, the baby is the size of a plum, and can move its arms and legs. At week 12, the mother typically does not have nausea and vomiting any more, but she may experience mood swings, according to BBC Health. At week 28, BBC Health states that your baby weighs around one kilogram, and the baby's eyes can open.

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