Can Pollen Allergies Make Your Skin Itch?

can-pollen-allergies-make-skin-itch Credit: Sollina Images/Photodisc/Getty Images

Seasonal pollens can cause allergic rhinitis, a condition with symptoms that include hives and rashes that can cause the skin to itch and swell, as well as sneezing and watering eyes, according to Healthline. Allergic symptoms occur when the immune system releases histamines in response to outdoor pollens.

Home treatments for allergic skin itching include anti-itch ointments containing hydrocortisone or calamine, cold compresses directly applied to the skin, and oatmeal baths, according to WebMD. In many instances, allergic skin reaction symptoms resolve on their own, but it is important for individuals with persistent itchy skin to seek medical attention to ensure an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.