When Can You Play Sports Again After Bunion Surgery?


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Approximately three to six months after bunion surgery, most people are able to participate in impact sports again, although they should get the okay from their physician before doing so, according to Channel 4 Embarrassing Illnesses. The final postsurgery checkup usually occurs at about the three-month point.

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When Can You Play Sports Again After Bunion Surgery?
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The major recovery period after bunion surgery takes about six weeks. During the first week, the patient should keep his leg elevated and take painkillers. By the end of the second week, the patient can usually stop using crutches to walk, but he shouldn't start driving again until four weeks have passed, as Channel 4 Embarrassing Illnesses explains. While the foot may still be swollen at the end of the sixth week, most patients can return to wearing normal shoes at this point.

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