How Can You Find Plasma Donation Centers That Pay Plasma Donors?


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DonatingPlasma.org maintains a searchable map of Plasma Donation Centers in the United States, Canada and Europe, states the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association. The business websites for plasma service operations such as BioLife and CSL Plasma also allow visitors to search for nearby facilities.

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Donating plasma regularly requires a commitment of two hours per visit up to two times each week, says BioLife Plasma Services. Because of this time commitment and the importance of donated plasma, donors are compensated for their time and effort. Most major metropolitan areas have paying plasma donation centers, according to DonatingPlasma.org, the website for the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association. Compensation amounts differ with each facility, but donors can usually earn up to $200 a month with regular donation, notes CSL Plasma.

First-time donors must submit to a short physical, including a medical history questionnaire, explains the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association. The physical includes tests for HIV, hepatitis and other bloodborne pathogens, and it checks for healthy hemoglobin and protein levels. The plasma donation process itself is similar to donating blood, but takes longer and involves more steps. Whole blood is drawn first, and then the plasma is separated out. Red blood cells and other non-plasma components are returned to the donor along with sterile saline solution. The collected plasma is used to treat patients with immune deficiencies, to treat burns, and to research and diagnose diseases.

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