Can a Pimple Be Cancerous?


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Pimples are not cancerous, and they are not a symptom of cancer according to WebMD. Acne is merely a skin condition that is generally caused by fluctuating hormones and overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. When oil mixes with dead skin cells, pores become clogged, and bacteria can take a foothold, creating a mixture that seeps into the surrounding tissues, causing acne's telltale redness and swelling and the development of pus.

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Acne and cancer are not related in any way. Acne is generally seen in teenagers when they hit puberty, but it can also rear its ugly head during adulthood. Pregnant women are prone to the development of acne as are sufferers of certain endocrine problems. Acne can be treated with a range of medications, including antibiotics and topical creams.

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