Where Can You Find Pictures of Tongue Disorders?


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WebMD, LLC provides a visual overview of mouth disorders on its website that includes pictures of tongue disorders. Otolaryngology Houston posts pictures and detailed descriptions of tongue cancers and other disorders on its website.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Tongue Disorders?
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WebMD posts pictures of thrush, black hairy tongue, geographic tongue, lichen planus, lie bumps and oral cancer of the tongue. A description of each disorder, potential causes and treatments accompany each picture in the slideshow.

Thrush is caused by candida yeast, and it is most common in babies and adults, according to WebMD, and a weakened immune system, diabetes, antibiotics and other medications can let candida grow uncontrollably. Black hairy tongue is a painless condition that occurs when the bumps on the tongue grow long, trapping bacteria that live in the mouth. Lichen planus is rare, the cause is unknown, and mild cases don't need treatment. Geographic tongue is harmless, notes WebMD, and it generally requires little to no treatment. Lie bumps are harmless as well.

The collection provided by Otolaryngology Houston includes pictures of tongue cancers, including granular cell myoblastoma, papilloma, pyogenic granuloma and lymphangioma. It shows leukoplakia and mucocele. Like WebMD, it shows black hairy tongue and geographic tongue. The photo library also provides pictures of hyperkeratosis, angioedema, fibroma, scrotal tongue, hemangioma, benign ulcers and median rhomboid glossitis. Comprehensive descriptions of the disorders accompany most of the pictures.

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