Where Can You Find Pictures of a Staph Infection on the Leg?


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Some online resources that have pictures of staph infections on legs are MRSA MD and MedicineNet. At MRSA MD, there are different pictures showing MRSA and non-MRSA staph infections on legs as well as other body parts. MedicineNet offers a slideshow the shows pictures and also explains this medical condition and its symptoms.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of a Staph Infection on the Leg?
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MRSA and non-MRSA infections typically have the same appearance, states MRSA MD. However, an MRSA infection is a more serious condition because it is resistant to many different types of antibiotics used to treat most staph infections.

A staph infection is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria. Although this bacteria is found on the skin, it can become a problem if it goes into the bloodstream and organs like the heart or lungs, as related by Mayo Clinic. A symptom of a staph infection is the formation of abscesses. The treatment for a staph infection involves prescribing antibiotics and draining the abscesses. However, treatment for MRSA requires other types of antibiotics like vancomycin, as noted by Mayo Clinic.

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