Where Can You Find Pictures of Staph Infection Boils?


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Images of staph infection boils are posted on health-care online publishers and health-related websites, such as MedicineNet and the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, or CDC. A slideshow containing pictures and relevant information about staph infection boils is available on WebMD.

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Boils, also referred to as skin abscesses, pertain to a swollen patch on the skin characterized by the presence of pus, as stated by MedicineNet. The image posted on MedicineNet shows the pus-filled center of a boil and its surrounding area, which is reddish in coloration.

Boils are one type of bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus aureus, according to CDC. The images of the boils posted on WebMD vary in sizes, from a pea-sized pustule to one that is as large as a golf-ball.

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