Where Can You Find Pictures of Spleens?


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Photos of healthy spleens and englarged spleens can be found on health websites such as Healthline, WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Innerbody. On Innerbody, users can also view a 2-D and 3-D representational model of the spleen.

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The spleen is an organ in the body that lies beneath the rib on the left side of the body, according to Mayo Clinic. The spleen is part of the digestive system and works in the body to help filter blood with the immune system, to store white blood cells and to fight against bacteria, according to WebMD. An enlarged spleen often indicates problems such as liver disease or cancer, notes Mayo Clinic. Most of the time, the spleen cannot be felt because it is located beneath the rib cage, but when it is enlarged, it can be felt by doctors.

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