Where Can You Find Pictures of Skin Lesions?


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Mayo Clinic provides a slide show of common, rash-like lesions, and WebMD offers a slide show of different types of skin lesions and the associated risk for the development of skin cancer. Early identification of precancerous lesions increases the chance of curability, reports WebMD.

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Each photo provided by WebMD is accompanied by a brief description of the lesion, the typical location, risk factors for the development of the lesion and general recommendations for treatment. The acronym ABCDE represents the characteristics of skin lesions that require evaluation, according to WebMD. A stands for asymmetry, B for border, C for color, D for diameter and E for evolving. Moles or lesions that have an irregular shape or border, are not a consistent color, are larger than a pencil eraser, or change shape or color over time need to be evaluated by a dermatologist.

The Mayo Clinic slide show provides common causative factors in skin rash conditions and specific facts for each condition, including both the common and medical name, a brief description and typical location. Where appropriate, the information includes the manner in which a specific condition can be avoided or minimized. The descriptions contain recommendations regarding at-home treatments and when to seek medical care. Certain conditions, such as drug rashes, can require emergency medical care, reports Mayo Clinic.

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