Where Can You View Pictures Showing Different Types of Warts?


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You can view pictures showing different types of warts on WebMD. By going to the home page and searching for the term "warts," under the section entitled "Slideshows and Images," there are several galleries of pictures of different kinds of warts available for viewing.

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WebMD has several picture galleries of different kinds of warts available for viewing. There are specific galleries for verruca vulgaris and verrucous papules as well as other types of warts. The website also features images of certain warts before and after treatment.

The different types of warts depicted in the images on WebMD grow on people's hands, fingers, feet and other body parts. The variety of pictures is designed to showcase the versatility of the wart and the different forms it can take on the body.

The WebMD photo gallery entitled "Pictures of Warts" features many different types of warts, including ones that result from heat rash, sunburn and ringworm. WebMD states at the beginning of this slideshow that warts are the most common dermatological complaint, and that three out of four people develop some type of wart at some point in their lives.

MedicineNet also has photos available to view of different types of warts, including plantar warts and common warts. These images are featured on the website in a collection entitled "Viral Skin Diseases."

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