Where Can You Find Pictures of Pancreatic Cancer?

Where Can You Find Pictures of Pancreatic Cancer?

Pictures of pancreatic cancer are available for viewing on MedicineNet and the website for Johns Hopkins Medicine. Diagrams of the different stages of pancreatic cancer are provided by the National Cancer Institute.

The National Cancer Institute provides images showing the growth of the tumor through the stages of the disease, beginning with 2 centimeters at stage IA. The spread of the cancer is illustrated, beginning in the pancreas and spreading to nearby lymph nodes, tissue and organs, such as the bile duct, pancreatic duct and duodenum. By stage four, the cancer is illustrated as it spread to major blood vessels, as well as other possible organs, including the lungs, liver, intestines and stomach.

The images available from Johns Hopkins Medicine show microscopic views of different variations of pancreatic cancer. The images show adenocarinoma, cystadenoma, solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm and other tumor types.

MedicineNet offers a slideshow that features illustrated diagrams explaining the basics of pancreatic cancer, a close-up image of the disease and a photograph of the tumor. Pictures also show patients undergoing treatment for the disease, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Additional photographs are available from the University of Washington's Pathology department. Text accompanying the images explains the positions and implications of cancer at various stages.