Where Can You Find Pictures of Melanoma?


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The Public Health Image Library search feature found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website contains pictures relating to melanoma. These images include photographs of melanoma lesions, microscopic images of tumor cells and medical illustrations of the anatomy of a typical melanoma tumor and its position in the layers of the skin, notes the CDC. A guide to identifying potential melanoma lesions with accompanying images is also available on the Skin Cancer Foundation website.

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Melanomas are among the deadliest types of skin cancers, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Almost 70 percent of melanomas begin as asymmetrical, discolored lesions known as superficial spreading melanoma. These lesions vary in color from black to tan and usually grow on the skin's surface for some time before invading deeper into the body. The superficial nature of these tumors in the early stages makes early treatment of superficial spreading melanoma much more effective, so early detection of superficial melanomas is especially important.

Other types of melanoma often bear little visual resemblance to superficial spreading melanoma, writes the Skin Cancer Foundation. A subtype known as acral lentiginous melanoma also begins superficially, but resembles a brown discoloration often found on the palms or the bottoms of the feet. Nodular melanoma presents as a bump in the skin that can be of various colors, but these bumps are often only recognized as cancerous after the tumor becomes invasive.

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