Where Can You Find Pictures of Males With Jock Itch?

Pictures of males with jock itch are available for viewing on the websites for WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Skinsight. Jock itch, or tinea cruris, is a ringworm fungal infection that produces an itchy rash, peeling skin and bumpy patches of skin, states WebMD.

Jock itch mostly manifests in the groin area, buttocks and inner thighs where the fungus has a dark, moist area in which to grow, explains WebMD. The rash has a red-brown color and scaly-looking bumps that look like blisters. Although an irritating itch is the first symptom of an infection, a definitive diagnoses occurs with a skin scraping by a doctor.

Home care is the most common treatment for jock itch. This condition is not serious and usually resolves when the area is cleaned regularly with soap and water, states WebMD. Applying a topical cream can help to alleviate symptoms. If the infection starts to blister and spread, antifungal cream and compresses may help.

An individual can prevent jock itch by keeping the skin clean and dry, especially those areas where the fungus is prone to grow. If a person has athlete's foot, he should make sure that the infected feet never come in contact with the groin area, as this can help the tinea cruris fungus to develop.