Where Can You Find Pictures of Kegel Exercises for Men?

PerformanceInsiders.com, Urology.UCLA.edu and HealthBlogAstralia.com share written descriptions of Kegel exercises, as well as pictures of what muscles need to be engaged during the exercises. Most of the pictures are anatomy pictures, since the muscles that are flexed and exercised during Kegels are mostly located inside the body.

These websites use pictures to help identity the pelvic floor muscles that are engaged during Kegels. Pelvic floor muscles are the same ones that men use to stop the flow of urine and support the bladder. The pelvic floor muscles include the bladder, sphincter muscles (those that open and close the urethra) and the pubococcygeus, which supports the bladder and rectum.

To perform Kegel exercises, contract the pelvic floor muscles for as long as possible, usually one to five seconds for up to 50 repetitions, two to three times each day. At first, the person may only be able to contract the muscles for one second. The goal is to be able to easily contract the muscles for five seconds. PerformanceInsiders.com suggested practicing Kegels every other day or several times each week because overuse could lead to injury.

The benefits of Kegel exercises are that they improve erections, orgasm quality, sexual stamina and general sexual performance. Kegels also fix problems such as premature ejaculation and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction.