Where Can You Find Pictures of Jaw Bone Cancer?


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The Oral Cancer Foundation and CancerWall.com feature several pictures of patients with jaw bone cancer on their official websites. Cancers in the oral cavity account for 30 percent of all cancers in the head and neck region, reports the American Head & Neck Society. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

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Cancerous tumors growing on the inner side of the jaw bone usually cause noticeable swelling inside the mouth, while tumors on the outer side of the jaw bone typically lead to facial swelling, states Dr. Richard Mitchell, B.D.S. As jaw bone tumors grow, many patients experience loosening of the teeth.

If jaw bone cancer treatment requires removal of all or part of the jaw, doctors can use bone from the patient's hip, leg or shoulder blade to rebuild the jaw, states the American Head & Neck Society. In an article discussing the use of free tissue flaps in reconstruction facial surgery, the website for Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Centre shows before and after photos of a female patient who had her jaw reconstructed after the removal of a tumor.

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