Where Can You Find Pictures of Hiatal Hernia Surgeries?


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The websites of several medical institutions, such as Victorian Obesity Surgery Centres, University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine and University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, provide pictures of hiatal hernia surgeries. The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network also has pictures of laparoscopic hiatal hernia surgery on its website.

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Hiatal hernias involve the protuberance of the stomach into the chest cavity through a small opening in the diaphragm, states WebMD. The small opening in the diaphragm is called esophageal hiatus. It allows the passage of the esophagus from the thorax into the abdomen.

There are two major types of hiatal hernias: paraesophageal (rolling) and sliding hernias. Sliding hernias are the most common type of hiatal hernia, explains the Victorian Obesity Surgery Centres. This type of hernia rarely requires treatment. Paraesophageal hernias, on the other hand, are less common. Most cases of rolling hernias are congenital and involve a large part, if not all, of the stomach protruding into the thorax.

Hiatal hernias can be managed either medically or surgically. The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network presents images of the operative steps taken during a laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia surgery. The Victorian Obesity Surgery Centres provides photos of an ongoing and completed hernia repair surgery. Its website also briefly discusses the key features of hiatal hernia and its common symptoms.

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