Where Can You View Pictures of Hernia Surgery?

Sites that offer photographs of hernias and hernia surgery include CaliforniaHerniaSpecialists.com and SportsHernia.com. In addition, the Keck School of Medicine of USC website hosts comparison images of patients before and after surgery.

The California Hernia Specialists website has a page including diagrams, photographs and video of laparoscopic hernia surgery. A laparoscope is a small instrument that allows a surgeon to see structures inside the body, according to MedicineNet. During the laparoscopic procedure described by the California Hernia Specialists website, a camera is inserted to provide surgeons with photographs and video as the operation is in progress. These images are hosted on the site for educational purposes. The website also offers a page on open hernia surgery, a more common procedure. However, as of 2015, no photographs are provided of open hernia surgery, just video.

SportsHernia.com hosts several pages on hernia surgery. It organizes its surgical images into photo galleries, detailing surgeries performed on male and female patients. It also has a pictorial guide for distinguishing between sports and "classic" hernias, and another pictorial guide for identifying painful locations associated with a hernia. The focus of the site is sports-related hernias, especially injuries to the groin. Due to the location of the injuries, some of the photographs are not safe for work.

The Keck School of Medicine website provides images of hernias and open wounds, before and after surgery. The photographs serve as case studies in hernia repair.