Where Can You Find Pictures of Haemorrhoids?


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Websites such as Hemorrhoidshemroids.com and eMedicineHealth.com contain pictures of hemorrhoids. The pictures provide images of what external and internal hemorrhoids look like, both sites use photographs as well as rendered images.

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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. Pressure from intense diarrhea or constipation causes the veins to swell. When the hemorrhoids are internal, they appear on the rectum's inside lining, and the patient cannot feel them. They do not cause pain, but they cause blood during a bowel movement. Internal hemorrhoids can stick through the anus, notes eMedicineHealth.

External hemorrhoids are beneath the skin surrounding the anus. As they swell, they can cause pain and itching along with bleeding with a bowel movement. If blood inside that vein clots, a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is the result, often causing intense pain, reports eMedicineHealth.

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