Where Can You Find Pictures of Gynecological Exam Procedures?


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One online resource that provides photographs and short videos of gynecological procedures as well as many written references about the field of obstetrics and gynecology is the website of Dr. Ahmed Daweel. Dr. Daweel is Yemeni; however, the text and videos are presented in English.

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Several online resources provide illustrations of pelvic examination procedures, including Mayo Clinic and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Student Health Services. InfoMedia Solutions also has a wide selection of images of the female reproductive system and pelvic examinations available for purchase on its website. The Google image library offers a selection of photographs of women undergoing pelvic examinations, but these do not demonstrate the procedure itself.

Photographs and videos of pelvic exams are difficult to access online due to the sensitive nature of the procedure and the graphic images of female genitalia they contain. YouTube, for instance, only provides access to these videos to members who log in and affirm they are over a certain age. The legal issue of patient confidentiality is a significant concern as well. In 2014, Johns Hopkins University paid $190 million in damages to thousands of women after authorities discovered that one of its physicians took unauthorized photographs of women during their pelvic exams, reports Daily News, New York.

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