How Can Pictures of Gum Disease Help in Diagnosing Oral Issues?


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Pictures of gum disease can help dental professionals diagnose oral issues by presenting realistic imagery of how gum disease can present in different human mouths. Pictures of different stages of gum disease can help dental professionals understand the progression of gum disease and associated oral issues.

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Dental professionals can use pictures of gum disease to help make an accurate diagnosis of oral issues by examining the ways in which different conditions manifest in the human mouth. The condition of the gums, teeth, tongue and supporting structures in the oral cavity are good indicators of a variety of different oral issues, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth loss, cavities and oral cancer. Access to pictures of different oral issues can help dental professionals distinguish between conditions.

Gum disease infects the tissue and bone structures that support the teeth. In the early stage of gum disease, redness and inflammation is present along the gums in a condition called "gingivitis." Bacteria that cause gingivitis have not yet penetrated deeper into the gums and the surrounding bone structures via advancing tartar and plaque, which occurs at a more advanced stage called "periodontitis." Periodontitis is severe gum disease that is characterized by bleeding gums, pockets between teeth, plaque and tartar build-up above and below the gum line, and pus leakage from the gums.

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