Where Can You Find Pictures of Fifth Disease Rash?


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FifthDisease.org provides a picture of a child with fifth disease, also known as erythema infectiosum, along with a detailed description of the disease. Other sites that display images of the disease include Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MedicineNet and Healthline.

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The CDC website provides several pictures of children with the slapped-cheek rash, as it is commonly referred to, that results from fifth disease. A picture of a rash appearing on the hands is also displayed.

MedicineNet states that the disease is caused by a virus called parvovirus B19, which can result in a rash that appears on the cheeks and body. A picture is provided of a child with the disease.

Healthline provides a close-up image of a young child with a fifth disease rash over the face and body. Symptoms of the disease, along with diagnosis, treatment options and possible prevention, are discussed.

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