Where Can You View Pictures of Corns on Toes?


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It is possible to find pictures of toe corns on MedicineNet.com, MayoClinic.org or WebMD.com. Written information about corns and other similar foot and toe problems is available on these websites as well, including a slideshow on WebMD that shows pictures of common foot problems and their treatments.

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Corns are most commonly found on areas of the foot that do not bear weight, such as the toes, according to MedicineNet. They are rough, red and often painful when touched. Two common causes of corns are wearing poorly fitted shoes and conducting repetitive motion that causes friction, reports the Mayo Clinic. Although corns usually do not require medical attention, WebMD advises those who corns to consult a doctor to ensure that the corns are not infected or caused by a foreign body under the skin.

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