Where Can You Find Pictures of Chickenpox Rashes?


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The CDC provides images depicting the appearance of chicken pox rash. Pictures of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are included, as well as pictures of Varicella zoster, which is the virus that causes chicken pox.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Chickenpox Rashes?
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Chicken pox is characterized by red, itchy, fluid-filled blisters that appear all over the body. Other symptoms accompany or precede the rash. These include fever, sore throat or headache, according to Healthline.

Experts advise that Individuals who suspect they have the virus seek medical care. In most cases, patients recover from chicken pox within one or two weeks of diagnosis, though complications are possible, says Healthline. During recuperation, doctors recommend the use of antihistamine medications or topical ointments to relieve itching. Lukewarm baths, using unscented lotions, and dressing in soft, lightweight clothing also reduce discomfort.

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