Where Can You Find Pictures of Bladder Tumors?


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The American Urological Association provides pictures of a wide variety of bladder tumors as part of its educational program in pathology for urologists on its website. A visual overview of bladder cancer that includes illustrations of diagnosis and treatment techniques as well as the five different stages of bladder cancer can be found on WebMD.com. Shaker Hospital also posts images of bladder tumors on its website.

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The pathology for urologists program offered by the American Urological Association includes photos and illustrations of non-neoplastic bladder lesions, cystitis and histoanatomic abnormalities. It also provides pictures of invasive and noninvasive urothelial neoplasms, non-urothelial carcinomas, mesenchymal tumors and other tumors. The program includes photos and illustrations of sub-categories of each type of disorder as well. The course lists descriptive information, potential causes and treatments for each disorder under the photos and illustrations. The tutorial is intended to familiarize students with the pathologic features of urologic entities.

Conditions other than bladder cancer can cause bladder symptoms, according to WebMD. However, dome symptoms of possible bladder cancer include blood in the urine, urgency to urinate with little or no results, frequent or painful urination, and difficulty urinating. Smoking and chemical exposure are risk factors involved with bladder cancer, and some treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.

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