Where Can You Find Pictures of Allergic Skin Reactions?


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Pictures of allergic skin reactions are available from the Mayo Clinic, which offers a slideshow that includes rashes from atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and drug rash. Healthline also offers pictures of allergic skin reactions.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Allergic Skin Reactions?
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The photos of allergic skin reactions available from Healthline include such reactions as allergic eczema, hay fever and flea bites. The pictures are supplemented by a written description of the reaction, the possible causes, the signs used to diagnose the allergic reaction, some treatment options and a long-term prognosis.

MedicineNet offers pictures of allergic skin reactions, including the photoallergic reaction, which is caused when ultraviolet light causes an allergic reaction to certain drugs. Pictures of additional allergic skin disorders include the dryness caused by xerosis, the blistering rash from cercarial dermatitis and the blisters caused by phytophotodermatitis. The slideshow shows allergic reactions for both children and adults.

MedicineNet also features photos of allergic contact dermatitis, which is the rash caused by skin contact with substances foreign to the immune system, such as poison ivy or the ingredients in some creams. The site also features a picture of an allergic reaction to temporary tattoos. Nickel contact dermatitis, which is an allergy to nickel, is also illustrated, showing the lesions caused by skin contact to snaps on garments and jewelry.

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