Where Can You Find Photos of Periodontal Disease?


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DentalGentleCare.com, the website for Family Gentle Dental Care in Gering, Nebraska, features several photos of periodontal disease. They display the disease's effects in stages, starting with a picture of healthy gums and showing advancement to one exhibiting severe periodontal disease.

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DentalGentleCare.com titles each photo with the disease stage it represents. There are also explanations for what each picture shows and a diagram next to each photo depicting what is happening to the gums as the disease progresses. Pictures and explanations of periodontal disease are also available at PerioImplants.co.uk, and YouTube hosts videos featuring comprehensive presentations about gum disease. For a chart depicting levels of gum infection and more photos of periodontal disease, Web users can visit Arestin.com, the official website for an antibiotic that fights the progression of the disease.

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