Where Can You Find Photos of Lymphoma Skin Rash?


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Photos of lymphoma skin rashes are available on websites such as Healthline and LymphomaPictures.org. These rashes generally show up as purple or reddish scaly areas, often manifesting in folds of the skin, although it is easy to confuse them with skin conditions such as eczema, according to Healthline.

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Two types of skin lymphomas exist, T-cell and B-cell lymphomas, although most of them are T-cell. About 50 percent of all skin lymphomas are MF, or mycosis fungoides. These most commonly strike patients between the ages of 50 and 70, and men are twice as susceptible as women. The first symptom is a series of red, scaly lesions that can itch intensely. In some cases, the disease advances to raised, solid plaques forming on the skin, reports the American Cancer Society.

Sezary syndrome is another T-cell lymphoma that affects the majority, or even all, of the skin. The skin thickens, and this syndrome spreads quickly. Other types of T-cell lymphomas are primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma, lymphomatoid papulosis, subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma and primary cutaneous peripheral T-cell lymphoma, notes the American Cancer Society.

B-cell skin lymphomas include primary cutaneous marginal-zone, follicle-center, diffuse large on the leg and diffuse large elsewhere on the skin. Follicle-center is the most common and typically affects middle-aged adults, according to American Cancer Society.

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