How Can You Find Photos of Inguinal Hernias?


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Sites that specialize in educating the public on hernias, such as California Hernia Specialists and No Insurance Surgery, feature photos of inguinal hernias. However, it is more convenient to find illustrated images of inguinal hernias, which can be seen at Mayo Clinic and Med India.

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According to WebMD, inguinal hernias are the cause of displaced tissue pushing through ruptured groin muscles, which can be weakened by straining the muscle tissue itself. When this tissue protrudes out from beneath the muscle lining, it causes a noticeable and painful bulge. Often, there is no known cause for a hernia; however, other inducers include chronic coughing and/or sneezing, strain on the area during urination or defecation, heavy lifting, an increase in physical pressure on the abdomen, an overweight physique, having fluid trapped in the abdomen, and pregnancy.

Other similar types of injuries include umbilical, hiatal, femoral, epigastric, and incisional hernias. Inguinal hernias are a common occurrence in pregnant women, which occurs when the gap that opens in the muscle wall during childbirth does not seal itself post-labor. In general, inguinal hernias occur more often in men due to the developmental anatomy of their inguinal canals, which contain a much larger weakness than found in women, states Mayo Clinic.

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