Where Can You Find Photos of Dental Procedures?


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There are many websites that provide photos of dental procedures including MedicineNet, WebMD and NYCdentist.com, as of 2015. Dental photographs allow patients to understand their dental needs, appreciate the benefits of the treatment and finally undergo the dental procedure they need to achieve optimal oral health.

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Where Can You Find Photos of Dental Procedures?
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Dental photos are available in two categories: extra-oral photos and intra-oral photos. Extra-oral photos are essential for before and after cosmetic procedures, as well as full mouth restorative procedures. They allow the dentist to demonstrate the results to expect after a given dental procedure. Intra-oral photos are taken with an intra-oral camera that is about the size of a toothbrush.

MedicineNet and WebMD provide before and after photos for popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, including dental bonding, veneering and enamel shaping. In addition to cosmetic dentistry photos, both sites provide patients with information on the different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

NYCdentist.com has thousands of photos of dentistry and dental procedures that have been created for educational purposes by Dr. Jeffry Dorfman. All the dental photographs on this site are well elaborated to allow patients to understand when and how different dental procedures are performed. Some dental photos on this site include photos of root canal treatment therapy, periodontal regeneration and periodontal gum surgery.

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